Sunday, August 31, 2003

Thank goodness for long weekends!

Friday night I had a rousing bout with insomnia. I was up until 4am. My sweet husband let me sleep in until 9! The kids weren't fed yet, and The Baby had a stinky dipe, but I was in the bed so I didn't mind too much!

And Saturday, football returned. I am so happy. Vanderbilt was even on TV, and it was one of the best games on all day. Vandy, mine and my husband's alma mater, lost by only 3 points to an AMAZING kicker from Greenwood, Mississippi. Mr. Nichols kicked a 54 yard field goal with 2 minutes left in the game to break the tie. All the other games were huge blowouts or raindelayed.

Now we just need some football weather. Ninety-five degrees is really too hot to make chili!

Our new preacher has arrived. We now have two preachers. Harold is going to work on evangelism, and helping members invite and share with friends. Jason, the new guy, will be mainly preaching. He is young and very nice. I think he will do lots of good for our congregation.

And my 4 year old knows more about the Bible than I do. Do you know who Job's three friends were? My Oldest knows. She knows lots. I am amazed. Maybe I should join in the three and four year old class. It seems I could learn so much!

Oldest child starts school on Tuesday. I am going with her a few minutes early so she can meet her teacher and see her room. She is excited! We made a backpack to carry her stuff. Now I just need to figure out what she will wear the first day, or if I am going to make her somethign new and wonderful to wear.

Off to get everyone ready for church again!

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