Monday, August 18, 2003

I went on a real vacation! I took a grown up girlfriend with me to help with the kidlets. She took them swimming, bought them lunch, got them to take naps, and put them to bed so I could go to wedding party type stuff. It was amazing! I should always take a girlfriend on vacation with me,and leave my husband at home!

And while I was gone, my husband cleaned oour bedroom. I came home to a clean floor, clean sheets, and 437 loads of laundry! But, my room is clean and I am thrilled. I think I will leave again next weekend and see what else he can get done.

And today, I decided not to try so hard sometimes. I have a close friend who just had a new baby. My plan was to drive 2 hours, leave my kids with my parents, drive 2 more hours, spend some time with the baby, then drive back to my parents' place and spend the night, going hom the next day. This 1-2 hour visit was going to take up 2 days of my time. Then I remembered that this same friend and his wife were too busy to drive down the street to see me when my middle child was 3 weeks old. I decided not to go. I am not really holding grudges, but I decided that I was making all the effort, which is a LOT when lugging 3 small children around including all the stuff they require. I think I will just stay home, and do what I want!

or maybe I could get started on that 437 loads of laundry.

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