Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Snotty little children

Literally. Yesterday I had two snotty little children. Middle child was just runny and sneezy. Baby boy (now almost 16 months old) was dripping snot and full of buggars. Gross and disgusting. At least Middle child will let me wipe her nose. Baby boy just runs off screaming at me,"No no no no no!" The running and screaming was cute, the first three times; then it became irritating; now it is infuriating. On the upside, he got some Triaminic to help him sleep last night. It is 8:30 and he is still in bed!

My food battle is getting better. Last night I bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts for my husband, and I only ate two of them. That shows great restraint on my part! And I haven't had one for breakfast yet. I had a cup of coffee, and am about to have a banana. I MUST make a run to the store today. I need the ingredients for all the yummy muffins that my friend Carmen gave me recipes for.

One of my pregnant friends Amy, I have 3 pregnant friends Amy right now, called me last night. She is planning a homebirth and couldn't get hold of the back-up midwives. Her MW and assistant were at a conference in Tennessee. Amy fell twice yesterday. Once she landed on all fours. The second time she hit her belly on the stairs. She wanted to know what I thought. I told her that I would go in, especially since she was having constant tightening around her belly. She finally got hold of one of the assistants, a nurse. The nurse told her she was fine, that she would be bleeding from her vagina or having blood pressure problems if there were any issues. The nurse told her to take a Benadryl or have a glass of wine and sleep well. I was really upset by this advice. Number one, I do not think that a pregnant woman should ever drink. Perhaps one drink at the very end of pregnany, or during labor, to relax, but that is it. Second, I would not want to be in a drug or alcohol induced sleep after a fall and possible injury to me and my baby. I would want to sleep lightly, so that if something were happening inside my body, I would be aware. And thirdly, while I fully support homebirth, with a constant contracting, sharp cervical pain, and two falls in one day, I would want some reassurance. I would want, at the very least, for my midwife or someon in her stead, to come LISTEN with her very own ears, to my baby's heartbeat, to be sure baby's heart rate was good, not low due to lack of oxygen, maybe due to the constant compression. I spent quite a bit of time last night praying that God would hold Amy and her baby close to Him, that He would watch over them, and make them healthy and safe.

Sorry for the ramble, but this is my space and I get to use it as I see fit. If you don't like it, get your own blog!

Anyway, off to do MORE laundry. I only have 4 HUGE bins of dirty stuff left. Having it all in one place is making it easier to weed out though. I have an ongoing give-away pile, and one for things for the children that don't fit anyone anymore, attic clothes. Now off to make breakfast. Have a great day!

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