Monday, September 01, 2003

What do you do when your husband is stressed?

Husband was home Friday and today, because of the Labor Day holiday. He has barely eaten all weekend. Something big was going on at work and he was really stressed about it, but couldn't do anything. We all got out of the house several times, and ate out far more than we should have, but hewas just out of it.

While shopping in a toy store today, he spent about 10 minutes sending emails back and forth on his PDA. I guess everything turned out fine, as I knew it would, since he suddenly got hungry.

His short term memory was on the fritz this weekend too. It was as if his brain was working overtime on work and couldn't keep up with anything else.

But he is better now, and is planning on taking off this coming Friday as well. He says he needs time to actually relax. He is in the den now playing a Tom Clancy game on the X-Box. I think he is feeling better!

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