Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Too early!

That is what time my morning began. 5:45 and my 4 year old wants more water in her cup, and another blanket because hers is wet, from wetting the bed, again. My husband was a bed-wetter, as were my niece and nephew, so it runs in the family. It is just annoying since she night time potty trained all on her own before she was dry during the day. She just refused to wear a diaper or pull-up to bed, and she stayed dry, so wll was well. Oh well. What can you do but wash the sheets, again.

At least the girls are playing nicely, and without the TV I might add. A big struggle in our home is the television. It keeps the monkeys entertained, and happy, but it is onfar too much. So we are cutting back our TV time, good for everyone.

My little sister is coming up today. She just grduated from college with a degree in Art History and a minor in Italian. If anyone out there has a job for her, could you let me know! She is wondering what to do with her life. She has a boyfriend, whom I actually like. But he isn't the one. She might not know it, but he isn't. Is it wrong to want the very best for your little sister? And my other sister, the middle child, is home from London and fashion school this week. We are all, as a big family, off to a wedding at the beach. Fun in the sun for the whole family.

So today, life goes on, the post office, laundry, dishes, sweeping, packing, and the rest of the drudgery, but tomorrow, VACATION!

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