Friday, August 22, 2003

When I don't answer my phone, it means one of 3 things. The baby has run off with the phone again and I cannot find it. I am unable to answer my phone due to the fact that I am driving in heavy traffic, trying to check out, or getting my 3 small children safely across a parking lot. I do not want to talk to you!

My mom and both sisters were in town yesterday. They were to call me when they arrived at their destination so I could met them. So my baby sister, who is 22 years old, calls me THREE TIMES in the space of about 6 minutes. I finally turned off my phone. Once I got all the children buckled up, I called back, informed her that I understood the FIRST time she called that they had arrived and that I would be there when I got there!

On the upside, they were in Saks. I do not shop in Saks. I have 3 small children who, though generally well-behaved, could destroy Saks in a matter of minutes. It simply is not a risk I am willing to take. But with 3 sets of extra hands, I ventured inside. They had a great sale in the children's department, obviously because people with children don't go in there. I got some very nice, very cute clothes for next summer, for excellent prices. When you can find Ralph Lauren dresses for under $10, you just have to buy one, or four.

And I found a beautiful blouse on clearance. It was a Liberty of London. Their fabric is beautiful and so so soft. It would not, of course, button across these just recently ended lactating breasts, but will look lovely with a pair of beautiful green velvet pants I plan on making. I can put on a nice tank underneath and be set for all the Christmas parties. I like to plan ahead.

And off to playgroup today! We go to a wonderful playgroup. There is a really nice mix of children and parents with different parenting and life philsophies. There are also some racial differences since our enighborhood is somewhat of a bubble. However, there is one little boy who is the vicitm of poor parenting. This mother has tons of advice for everyone else, but just ignores, or even watches, as her good-sized 20 month old terrorizes other children. Last month he chased one little boy all aroudn the room three times trying to steal his toy. It is sad that a parent who does not belong to this little boy has to follow him around correcting his behavior and protecting the other children.

Maybe my sewing maching will be fixed today. I NEED it back. I have lots to get done, but no machine. I have done lots on the serger, but I can only make so many blankets and burp cloths. I have eight more dipes to make, two bag orders to finish, and seventy-five Halloween bags to finish for a craft fair in Early October.

and 326 loads of laundry left to wash
and dry...
and fold...

and put away....

But for now, PLAYGROUP!

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