Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Cleaned out the freezer yesterday. My sweet middle child left it open for about 8 hours on WEdnesday of last week. WE were out all day, and none noticed until all the ice melted and the kitchen floor was a big puddle. On the upside, I got to buy new food! I know what we have and where everything is in the freezer, right now anyway.

I am continuing to let go. Breastfeeding is something that is vrey important to me. I want every baby to have breastmilk. A good friend from church has overcome so many obstacles, a preemie, thrush, sore breats, nipple confusion. She is now weaning her 2 month old. She has Raynaud's phenomenon, a vascular problem. she says it feels like hot pokers when she nurses. I remember the feeling, as I was pregnant with #2 when #1 was still nursing. It was hard, but I put up with it util #1 was a year old. I cannot imagine weaning my 2 month old preemie. But I cannot feel what her breasts feel. And she has never experienced the pure joy that I have, of nursing a beautiful babe, who looks at you and smiles. Or says," mmmmmmm" when she is snuggled up to your breast late at night. It makes me sad. So I am off to do some research for this mom, who really does want to feed her baby, just without pain.

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