Saturday, October 31, 2009

I found the rest of the pictures!
Lydia, she'll be 9 in a month. So big. She is hugely emotional. She is amazingly empathetic and helpful, mostly. But when she blows, STAND BACK because stuff gets hairy then. LOVES Geronimo Stilton books. She was reading one here.
Samuel. This kid is a NUT! He perfected swimming this summer, including being able to stop and BREATHE while swimming. He can't make it all the way across the pool, but he will next year.

Joseph. I think his smile says it all. Sweet sweet baby boy. I love him love him love him.

William: 7.5 My beach boy. Look how blonde he was here! He is such a sweet kid. I love love love me some little boys!

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Our beach vacation, 2009. Yes, I know it's October, the 31st to be exact. But I never posted these, and they are REALLY cute, and Nathan hasn't put the current pictures on the server yet, so I can't put them up anyway. I PROMISE I will try to get the fall pictures up before Christmas, but I make no promises.

Isaac: He learned to swim this summer. Head under the water, kicking, whole nine yards. Very cute on a 2 year old!

Celeste: turned 10 this summer, double digits. Got her ears pierced, has a red-headed best friend, loves to read, generally sweet with a streak of sassy in there for fun

Nathan: sweet as ever, look at that smile. I won't tell you how old he is, but it is somewhere between 36 and 38, at least for a few more weeks

There we are! We went deep sea fishing with my parents and caught some MONSTROUS snapper. Truly a huge fish!

Ok, I uploaded more pics, but they were eaten by the interwebz. I'll see what I can do for you.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Free! Do you like free? I do? You can follow the link to my friend Carmen's blog Scrutiny by the Masses and leave a comment! You'll have a chance to win a V8 Fusion gift package that includes a great tote bag!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

FREE! Do you like FREE stuff? How about FREE food! Me too. I don't like Oprah all that much, but for free food, I guess I can link her site. MUST be printed before 9:59pm on May 6th.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Want so see pictures of the cutest baby in the world?

If you are on Facebook, you can look here too!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Counting my blessings!

Ok, I have all the usual, husband, kids, life, breath, freedom and so many more. This list is going to be a bit more of making lemonade out of lemons!

1. I have NEW SHOES that are cute and comfortable and will fit over my still swollen, and thus probably still broken, foot.

2. I was REALLY good while eating out yesterday. That means that I have lots of extra points to use tonight and tomorrow night at the fun parties I am going to.

3. The water heater spigot on our 19 year old water heater decided to jump off TODAY while we were still at home, rather than whil we were gone on summer vacation.

4. Wilbur Plumbing ROCKS and was here within 30 minutes and is working on a minor repair now.

5. I am probably going to get an awesome new tankless water heater that I have wanted for the last 3 years.

6. Joseph took s GREAT nap and slept through most of the water heater debacle! When he woke, he was HAPPY!!!

7. I kept up with laundry, so there wasn't a bunch that still needed to be done today.

8. My dryer still works so we can get all of the towels and wet clothes dry!!

9. The Wilbur Plumbing man just told me all the water has STOPPED FLOWING!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Photo Retrospective

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New family photo! Our church updates the photo directory every couple of years. We always need a new photo since we keep growing! Nathan is holding Isaac, 2.5. William will be 7 in May. Samuel will be 4 next week! Joseph is 5.5 months old. This is my BEFORE picture. Celeste is 9.5 and Lydia is 8. I made dresses for both of the girls. Joseph has on the outfit I made but didn't finish for Isaac last year!

Monday, March 23, 2009

FAT!!! This is when fat belly rolls are too cute!!! And the double chin too!!!

Oh, and man boobs!

He really is a lady's man!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great find!

I picked up a Good Housekeeping Magazine at Publix today. Cover price is $2.50. Inside the magazine, I found 6.55 in Manufacturers' coupons. There was also a special page of coupons just for CVS, $6 worth of coupons. I got $12.55 in savings and paid only 2.50. I am planning to subscribe now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Win free stuff! My amazing friend, Pietra, is having a give-away at her store. She sells cloth products for mamas and more! I got some of her Ultimate Pads for post partum use and they are fabulous! Go check her out!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Something for everyone today!

Publix deals!! I used all of my Bird's Eye Frozen veggie coupons today to get some great deals! They were Buy One Get One free items, so they were already half price. I had a coupon from Publix for $1 off, and i had 5 coupons. I also had a manufacturer's coupons for $1 off 3. So, I got 5 bags of frozen veggies, regular price 2.39 each so 11.95 total. I paid NOTHING!! I just did the math! I got 5 bags of veggies for FREE!

I also loaded up on Pillsbury frozen biscuits. They were on sale for $2.50. I had 2 coupons for $1 off two, so I got 4 bags. Regular price total is 12.76. I paid $8. Thesea re delicious and super great for dinner time.

And, another gratuitous Joseph picture.
Gorgeous kimono sweater knit by Davina @
Precious striped longied by Heather @
Booties are Gnome colorway dyed by Hillary @
and knit by my dear friend Mandy, who doesn't have a website, but does have 4 amazing kids and one more on the way!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Gratuitous Joseph picture, because he is so cute. Samuel back there is pretty good looking too!

Monday, March 02, 2009

We went to CVS to use our coupons today! I saved 30.25 with coupons, and used $25 in EB. I paid a total of 188.72 and got $42 back in EB. Not bad! I am stocked on shampoo, body wash, and razors. I was also able to take groceries and household goods to a friend who needed a little help today. I love saving money!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Couponing goodness!!

Publix today
Total before tax : 243.10
Total savings : 101.10
OOP :142.00

Percentage saved: 42% saved!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

William and I went on a Coupon Hunt today! We went to Publix and wlked up and down every aisle grabbing coupons that we could use. We also used a couple of coupons to get some great deals!

Yoplait kids' 6 packs usually 2.79 were BOGO, plus we had two coupons for $1.50 off. FREE YOGURT! I saved over 100% technically! They paid me 21cents to take the yogurt!

Kashi snack variety packs were BOGO as well, and I had a $1 off coupon, Regular price 3.19, I got mine for 60 cents, actually, only 39 centst since there was extra change from the yogurt!

Total regular price : 8.75
Out of Pocket Paid : $.39

Savings of 96%


Friday, February 27, 2009

As you will recall, we went to bed around 11pm on Wednesday night. Around 11:45, Joseph woke up for a snack. This isn't a big deal. I go into his room, climb into the guest room bed, and nurse him back to sleep. I give him a big snuggle and then tuck him back into his bed. 99% of the time, this keeps him happy for at least 3 hours, at night, usually much more. At 12:45, more Joseph. I became delusional sometime in the middle of the night.

Suffice it to say that between 11pm and 4am I was up 7 times. I fed a baby, burped a baby, loved a baby. Then Isaac started. I took him to pee twice. He got up again, playing his favorite game,"I hurt my...." For a few weeks it was his finger. It recently became his foot. He was up four times.

Nathan's alarm goes off at 4:30. He very graciously got the baby when Jospeh woke. Nathan pacified him until around 7:15 so I could get a little sleep, phew. I nursed Joseph and put him down for a nap.

Sometime in those 3 hours of sleep, the hamster reappeared! Nathan walked into our TV room where Celeste and Lydia were up watching a cartoon. Nathan needed the girls to hold Joseph so Daddy could shower before work. As he walked into the family room, Fluffy ran past him and behind a BIG dresser in our family room. Great amounts of teamwork, that did NOT involve me, rescued Fluffy. She is now safe in her cage. I got plenty of sleep last night, and all is right with the world, again, for at least five minutes until someone hits or pushes or looks at someone else.
Well, it got better, then it got worse, then it got better.

So, Fluffy died on Wednesday. Nathan, the most tenderhearted daddy in the whole wide world came home early from work, actual early, about 4:30pm. He really did! He took Lydia to choose a new hamster. They came home with a white and brown hamster, very cute, with those creepy red demon eyes. This hamster is named Fluffy. Hey, she likes the name! All was well. There was peace in the kingdom.

We all got dinner, got dressed, headed to church. As an aside, I used to really not look forward to Wednesday night church. It seemed to be such a hassle, make dinner, feed kids, get dressed, out the door, get home late, go to bed late, blah. Turns out I was wrong. Wednesday night Bible class has become one of my favorite times. I get to recharge my spiritual batteries by being with the brethren. I see the smiles on faces, all the kids in their classes. I usually get 45 solid minutes with my hands free to LISTEN and READ the Bible. Amberly, a friend of mine, usually snuggles Joseph during class. Her husband is teaching right now, so I figure she's probably heard what he says before. Truly a balm to soothe the weary. Ok, back to the story.

We all got dinner, got dressed, and headed to church. We get home. It takes me a minute or eight longer to get in the house than it does the kids. I have to be sure everyone gets unbuckled and OUT of the bus, did I mention our bus? Anyway, another post coming on that. I get the baby out, and I have this boot on for the stress fracture, so it's sort of a challenge to drop the 6 feet to the ground without hurting myself or dropping a kid.

By the time I get into the house, Lydia is at the back door, hysterical all over again. Fluffy, the second Fluffy, had escaped from her hamster ball. Daddy to the rescue again. I had had enough drama for the day. Between the broken glass, 5 pounds of flour on the floor, dead hamster, and Joseph's first haircut, from a 3 year old no less, I was pretty much done. Daddy went into the girls' room and climbed around on the floor, under beds, in closets, searching for Fluffy. No luck. The girls went to be heart broken. It was already 9pm by this time. Eight is our usual bed time.

Nathan and I are finally having a little down time while we watch the Top Chef Finale! In walks Celeste, absolutely distraught. I went and sat with her in the living room so she could talk if she wanted. She was just so sad for Lydia! In one day Lydia lost a pet and had one die on her. I sent Celeste to sleep in my bed for a little while.

Finale over, Nathan and I head to bed around 10:45, VERY late for us. I moved Celeste to her bed, carefully avoiding the trail of hamster food left to attempt to lure Fluffy back into the cage. My head hit the pillow, and I was asleep, but not for long.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh dear. The weeping and gnashing of teeth that ensued yesterday morning, sadly, had nothing to do with spilling flour or breaking glass. The rat is dead. Sweet Lydia bought herself a hamster last week. Fluffy was gently placed in a dish in her cage last night, and she didn't recover today. Poor Lydia. I have assured her we can buy a new hamster when she feels ready.
I hate those days. You know the ones. Nothing seems to go right. A glass canister of flour, full of flour, crashes to the ground. Collateral damage includes a glass container of cinnamon and 3 eggs. Lots of glass and lots of flour. I kept my cool, moved the kid to safety. I calmly explained that this is part of why we don't put extra stuff on the counter. The flour fell because we were dodging the bananas that the child INSISTED be on the island, even though they really were fine where they were before. Said child is now in said child's room pouting and not helping anymore. Two others are now wandering in the kitchen making extraneous noise. Two little boys are asleep now, praise heaven!

Days like this, I want to go enroll the two homeschoolers in school. I want to put the three year old and two year old in mother's day out 3 or 5 days a week. I think of all I could get done! My pantry would be stocked. My dinners would be gourmet 3 days a week. My laundry would be done! My house could be clean.

But my house would be empty. So would my heart. I wouldn't see my children. I'd get them tired, angry, and grumpy at the end of the day. I am blessed to have the OPTION to stay home with my amazing children. So many can't stay home. So many won't stay home. So many can't or don't have the children.

Off to read a book, and cajole the pouting child out to finish making banana bread for church friends. Service, service, service. God has blessed me so richly, I shall praise His name forever and ever.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ok, coupon freak, here I come! I have an index card holder to hold all my coupons. I have my coupons ready to go to CVS before Saturday is over to get the best bang for my buck. I have a storage space for all those shampoos and toothpastes I am collecting. I plan on donating plenty to women's shelters. I mean, why wouldn't I. I don't NEED 10 bottles of shampoo, even with as many people as there are in my house.

Tomorrow, the new Publix ad will be in my paper! I get to see what's new on sale and see what's in my coupon box that can save me more more more!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another car on the freak train! I started with the coupon craze. I hope not to become insane. I still will probably only shop at Publix, where I know the cashiers, the stockers, even the sushi lady! However, today I went in with my coupons and came out GREAT!!

Juicy fruit Slim Pack 1.09 COUPON for FREE!

Spiderwick Chornicles DVD 14.99 coupon for $4 off so 10.99

Dannon yogurt usually .65 each. On sale for .50 each, plus I had a buy 6 get on free coupon, so I saved 1.40 on 6 yogurts Regular price $4.40 SALE $3.00

Newman's dressing usually 3.69 each, Sale 2.50 each, Coupon for $1 off 2 so regular price $7.78 SALE $4

Pillsbury pizza crusts, usually 2.59 each, on sale for 1.67 each, plus a coupon for .60 off two. Regular price 5.18 SALE $2.67

Progresso Soup usually 2.39 Sale price $1.25. Coupon for $2 off 4 and $1 off 2. 6 cans regular price 14.34 SALE 4.50

Renu Saline solution, Regular 8.89 Sale, 6.99, Coupon for $1 off, so 5.99

Earth's best Baby food BOGO plus $1 off 10 jars, times two! Regular price 21.80 SALE 8.90

Jimmy Dean Sausage usually 2.99 each Sal 2/$5 Regular price 5.98 SALE $5

Hillshire Farms Usually 3.99 each Sale 2/7 Coupon $1 off times 2, plus Manufacturer coupon of .55 doubles, but only to $1. So, 2 pkgs, usually 7.98, SALE $4

Total regular price on these items is $76.08
I paid 49.05
65% savings

DO I rock or what! Not bad for my first try.

Monday, February 09, 2009

What's your biggest problem? I'm going to post this here, and on my other blog as well. So, what is it? What's your biggest problem?
Maybe you are disorganized
Maybe you are broke
Maybe you don't have a job
Maybe you have a stress fracture in your foot
Maybe you have no kids and want some

Maybe you have too many kids
your kids are growing too fast
or aren't growing
or are grown up but not responsible

Maybe you have a limp
or are deaf
or are blind
or can't smell

Maybe you can't read
or write
or don't have the time to sew
or cook food from scratch
or live your dream

Maybe you need a car
or a house
or a husband
or a wife

Guess what. That isn't your biggest problem. My biggest problem and your biggest problem is sin. That's it.

I've been telling myself that often over the last couple of weeks. When I start to get discouraged or irritated about something, I remind myself. "My biggest problem isn't this boot. It's sin."

Mull that over for a while. I have been. It's changing my life.
Oh, and if you want some more Bible study, check out

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Want a chance to win an amazing twin stroller? Go here!
More Haircut!
Lydia before
Lydia after! She looks like a pixie! Maybe next week her teeth will grow back in.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Isaac before

Isaac after

In our house, if you fall asleep on your gum, your hair magically goes away! After I finished buzzing Isaac, I realized he can never have hair this short again. His hair is fine like mine, not thick like Nathan's. When I got finished, I looked at him and said,"Isaac, your hair is all gone." He looked at me with a serious expression. He said,"No Mommy. My hair's right bere (there)," abnd patted the top of his head!

Did I mention Samuel got a hair cut too?

I am not a mohawk kind of girl, but this kid is rocking it!

Oh, and one of Nathan with Isaac. Isn't he the best looking daddy ever?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas 2008, the year of BOYS! I have my two big girls. My cousin Andrew has three girls. I then went on to have four boys. This year, we had some boys to hang with! Joseph, my guy, is on the left in Nathan's lap at two months old. Andrews, my cousin Andrew's son, at a week old, in his mother, Julie's lap. Browning, 5 months old, in his grandmother, Sunshine's lap.
This is baby Andrews. He is the proud owner of a name that has lasted for generations, all very great men. His great grandfather was an Admiral in the US navy. His grandfather was on the cutting edge of medical research before he gave to brain cancer. He was a wonderful Uncle Andy to me. His father, strong in his faith, raises his sweet children and is so thrilled to pass this name on to his son, Andrews.

This is Browning! He is third in the line with his name! His grandfather, wow it sounds weird to type that about Hugh, is an architect in Birmingham. He has built some great stuff! His father, Brwoning, graduated from West Point this spring. He is a wonderful young man with an amazing future.
And this, is Joseph McGowin. His name was chosen with great care. Joseph was a great man in the Bible, who followed God all the days of his life, even when faced with difficult choices. His middle name is from a long line af strong men. I never knew my great grandfather, but McGowin is my great uncles last name, and he is a great man. I have an Uncle McGowin who has always been the liberal side of our family, and I love him for it. He lives in the woods and has an outhouse! He has an indoor facility now too, but for a while when I was a kid, the outhouse was all there is!
I hope your year was as full of blessings as ours was!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random post on Isaac. He is 2 years, 2 months old. He talks all the time, and I almost always love it. While we were at my parents' for Christmas, my "baby" sister ( who is 27 and married) asked Isaac,"What's your name?" He kept repeating it, but never answered. On Sunday, he started with me!

"Wass yours name, Mommy?"

"I'm Mommy, Isaac. What's your name?"

It went like this for a little while then I heard,"Wass MY name, Mommy?

"What is your name, Isaac?"

This stuck for a few minutes. Then, he looked proudly at me, raised his hands over his head triumphantly and said with a grin on his face,"I'm ISAAC!" It was so so sweet and precious!

He truly is a joy every day. He just brought me a loaf of rasin bread and said,"I NEED my peanut butter." So now he sits next to me,"I eat my peanut butter. Where's my peanut butter? Bere's my peanut butter."