Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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More Haircut!
Lydia before
Lydia after! She looks like a pixie! Maybe next week her teeth will grow back in.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Isaac before

Isaac after

In our house, if you fall asleep on your gum, your hair magically goes away! After I finished buzzing Isaac, I realized he can never have hair this short again. His hair is fine like mine, not thick like Nathan's. When I got finished, I looked at him and said,"Isaac, your hair is all gone." He looked at me with a serious expression. He said,"No Mommy. My hair's right bere (there)," abnd patted the top of his head!

Did I mention Samuel got a hair cut too?

I am not a mohawk kind of girl, but this kid is rocking it!

Oh, and one of Nathan with Isaac. Isn't he the best looking daddy ever?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas 2008, the year of BOYS! I have my two big girls. My cousin Andrew has three girls. I then went on to have four boys. This year, we had some boys to hang with! Joseph, my guy, is on the left in Nathan's lap at two months old. Andrews, my cousin Andrew's son, at a week old, in his mother, Julie's lap. Browning, 5 months old, in his grandmother, Sunshine's lap.
This is baby Andrews. He is the proud owner of a name that has lasted for generations, all very great men. His great grandfather was an Admiral in the US navy. His grandfather was on the cutting edge of medical research before he gave to brain cancer. He was a wonderful Uncle Andy to me. His father, strong in his faith, raises his sweet children and is so thrilled to pass this name on to his son, Andrews.

This is Browning! He is third in the line with his name! His grandfather, wow it sounds weird to type that about Hugh, is an architect in Birmingham. He has built some great stuff! His father, Brwoning, graduated from West Point this spring. He is a wonderful young man with an amazing future.
And this, is Joseph McGowin. His name was chosen with great care. Joseph was a great man in the Bible, who followed God all the days of his life, even when faced with difficult choices. His middle name is from a long line af strong men. I never knew my great grandfather, but McGowin is my great uncles last name, and he is a great man. I have an Uncle McGowin who has always been the liberal side of our family, and I love him for it. He lives in the woods and has an outhouse! He has an indoor facility now too, but for a while when I was a kid, the outhouse was all there is!
I hope your year was as full of blessings as ours was!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random post on Isaac. He is 2 years, 2 months old. He talks all the time, and I almost always love it. While we were at my parents' for Christmas, my "baby" sister ( who is 27 and married) asked Isaac,"What's your name?" He kept repeating it, but never answered. On Sunday, he started with me!

"Wass yours name, Mommy?"

"I'm Mommy, Isaac. What's your name?"

It went like this for a little while then I heard,"Wass MY name, Mommy?

"What is your name, Isaac?"

This stuck for a few minutes. Then, he looked proudly at me, raised his hands over his head triumphantly and said with a grin on his face,"I'm ISAAC!" It was so so sweet and precious!

He truly is a joy every day. He just brought me a loaf of rasin bread and said,"I NEED my peanut butter." So now he sits next to me,"I eat my peanut butter. Where's my peanut butter? Bere's my peanut butter."