Monday, August 25, 2003

Life is good!

I went to a new playgroup today, Chrunchy Christian Moms. It was fun, and my three monkeys really enjoyed it. I have been eating well. I am amazed by how well a banana can fill me up for breakfast. I am trying to be careful between meals to not snack more than I need to. And I got four really great muffin recipes to try this week.

My oldest starts "school" next week. We have orientation on Thursday. She is so excited. I hope the excitment lasts until next Tuesday!

My middle child, only "two and a hap" is going to take gymnastics lessons. My DH and I were watching the World Championships last night and middle child was fascinated. She was more glued to the TV than usual, which is saying lots. So Middle Child will start gymnastics as soon as mama gets off her fanny.

I have been wearing my tennis shoes and socks. I feel more athletic just having them on. I walk faster and farther. And now I barely notice the chunks of food clinging to my feet, which were made sticky by the orange juice spill this morning. Thus is the life of women throughout the world, known as Mom.

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