Monday, February 09, 2009

What's your biggest problem? I'm going to post this here, and on my other blog as well. So, what is it? What's your biggest problem?
Maybe you are disorganized
Maybe you are broke
Maybe you don't have a job
Maybe you have a stress fracture in your foot
Maybe you have no kids and want some

Maybe you have too many kids
your kids are growing too fast
or aren't growing
or are grown up but not responsible

Maybe you have a limp
or are deaf
or are blind
or can't smell

Maybe you can't read
or write
or don't have the time to sew
or cook food from scratch
or live your dream

Maybe you need a car
or a house
or a husband
or a wife

Guess what. That isn't your biggest problem. My biggest problem and your biggest problem is sin. That's it.

I've been telling myself that often over the last couple of weeks. When I start to get discouraged or irritated about something, I remind myself. "My biggest problem isn't this boot. It's sin."

Mull that over for a while. I have been. It's changing my life.
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