Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random post on Isaac. He is 2 years, 2 months old. He talks all the time, and I almost always love it. While we were at my parents' for Christmas, my "baby" sister ( who is 27 and married) asked Isaac,"What's your name?" He kept repeating it, but never answered. On Sunday, he started with me!

"Wass yours name, Mommy?"

"I'm Mommy, Isaac. What's your name?"

It went like this for a little while then I heard,"Wass MY name, Mommy?

"What is your name, Isaac?"

This stuck for a few minutes. Then, he looked proudly at me, raised his hands over his head triumphantly and said with a grin on his face,"I'm ISAAC!" It was so so sweet and precious!

He truly is a joy every day. He just brought me a loaf of rasin bread and said,"I NEED my peanut butter." So now he sits next to me,"I eat my peanut butter. Where's my peanut butter? Bere's my peanut butter."

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