Monday, January 19, 2009

Isaac before

Isaac after

In our house, if you fall asleep on your gum, your hair magically goes away! After I finished buzzing Isaac, I realized he can never have hair this short again. His hair is fine like mine, not thick like Nathan's. When I got finished, I looked at him and said,"Isaac, your hair is all gone." He looked at me with a serious expression. He said,"No Mommy. My hair's right bere (there)," abnd patted the top of his head!

Did I mention Samuel got a hair cut too?

I am not a mohawk kind of girl, but this kid is rocking it!

Oh, and one of Nathan with Isaac. Isn't he the best looking daddy ever?

1 comment:

Kim and John said...

I LOVE the haircuts. Cute, cute, cute!