Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, it got better, then it got worse, then it got better.

So, Fluffy died on Wednesday. Nathan, the most tenderhearted daddy in the whole wide world came home early from work, actual early, about 4:30pm. He really did! He took Lydia to choose a new hamster. They came home with a white and brown hamster, very cute, with those creepy red demon eyes. This hamster is named Fluffy. Hey, she likes the name! All was well. There was peace in the kingdom.

We all got dinner, got dressed, headed to church. As an aside, I used to really not look forward to Wednesday night church. It seemed to be such a hassle, make dinner, feed kids, get dressed, out the door, get home late, go to bed late, blah. Turns out I was wrong. Wednesday night Bible class has become one of my favorite times. I get to recharge my spiritual batteries by being with the brethren. I see the smiles on faces, all the kids in their classes. I usually get 45 solid minutes with my hands free to LISTEN and READ the Bible. Amberly, a friend of mine, usually snuggles Joseph during class. Her husband is teaching right now, so I figure she's probably heard what he says before. Truly a balm to soothe the weary. Ok, back to the story.

We all got dinner, got dressed, and headed to church. We get home. It takes me a minute or eight longer to get in the house than it does the kids. I have to be sure everyone gets unbuckled and OUT of the bus, did I mention our bus? Anyway, another post coming on that. I get the baby out, and I have this boot on for the stress fracture, so it's sort of a challenge to drop the 6 feet to the ground without hurting myself or dropping a kid.

By the time I get into the house, Lydia is at the back door, hysterical all over again. Fluffy, the second Fluffy, had escaped from her hamster ball. Daddy to the rescue again. I had had enough drama for the day. Between the broken glass, 5 pounds of flour on the floor, dead hamster, and Joseph's first haircut, from a 3 year old no less, I was pretty much done. Daddy went into the girls' room and climbed around on the floor, under beds, in closets, searching for Fluffy. No luck. The girls went to be heart broken. It was already 9pm by this time. Eight is our usual bed time.

Nathan and I are finally having a little down time while we watch the Top Chef Finale! In walks Celeste, absolutely distraught. I went and sat with her in the living room so she could talk if she wanted. She was just so sad for Lydia! In one day Lydia lost a pet and had one die on her. I sent Celeste to sleep in my bed for a little while.

Finale over, Nathan and I head to bed around 10:45, VERY late for us. I moved Celeste to her bed, carefully avoiding the trail of hamster food left to attempt to lure Fluffy back into the cage. My head hit the pillow, and I was asleep, but not for long.

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Anonymous said...

I love the blog. I like your writing and your thoughts. Poor kids and hamsters! Rachel