Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Well, you get another extra photo today. Some of my friends are doing a 365 pictures this year deal. Their blogs are simple, concise, and mostly contain pictures. I, however, don't know to shut up. So, if you don't like all the verbage, just look at the pretty pictures and ignore the words.

Now, we move on to photos! The first is entitled brotherly love.
Now that Lydia is in real school, we have Tuesdays and Thursdays just for the boys. I put Isaac on the floor so the big brothers could see him with less danger for injruy. I went to check on them and William was reading to them. Isn't this super cute! Oh, and William found Lydia's hat, so he wore it. I think he looks good in pink and fluffy!

Now, the second photo! I took this before the sun
had burned off the clouds. I call it lonely. Is there anything more sad than a playground with no children on it? It was just such a cool pic with the sun peeking over the Baptist church in the background of our backyard. Also, it is a nice reminder that we could really stand to grow a tall evergreen hedge along the fence.

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