Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ok, so we got Christmas money. My sisters have posted what they are doing with theirs. The Middle Sister, who seems a tiny bit bitter about the whole thing, needs to get over it! She is getting married this summer, so she is getting plenty of money to throw at caterers and florists and so on.

Also, it isn't like we will be spending our money on frivolous vacations or lobster dinners. Oh no. We will be using our money in a very responsible way.
1. Check to church for a portion.
2. Piano for the kids, and for me, plus lessons for the girls. This is because I love the piano, and my dad will NOT get off my back about getting lessons for the big girls. William will get them when he gets bigger.
3. Dodge Sprinter. We have five kids. They are all in booster or carseats. They don't all fit in our minivan unless Celeste sits in the front seat. So, when the 2007 Sprinters start rolling off the assembly line, we are buying one.

Let me tell you about this amazing van. Room for up to 11 people. We will probably get the 10 seater. There are eight seats in the back, each with it's own cup holder, arm rest, seat belt, etc. Also, this is a diesel engine. It gets TWENTY FIVE miles to the gallon. I am thrilled with the gas mileage on this thing! You have probably seen them about town disguised as church buses or DHL delivery vans.

The biggest decision is deciding what color? What do you think a mom of 5 would drive?


Carmen said...

Good GOD, woman, how much Christmas money did you get? If I got money, I'd think it was about $50. I'm guessing you got more. ;)

Christi said...

Yeah, what she said - I got $100! LOL

And I think it should be candy apple red. ;)