Thursday, January 11, 2007

drink a glass of water
walk for 20 minutes

There, you just made your day much better. You increased your water intake, you took a moment to catch your breath, and you exercised a bit. Don't you feel better now? No? Ok, then go have a margarita. If that doesn't make you feel better, you are on your own!


LeahWE said...

I think that you have just given me my motto for 2007!

You can have kids for me if you want to...all the work and I get a cute baby out of it!


alicesw said...

Oh, That sounds GREAT to me! can you make mine a red head? I have always wanted red hair. This way if my child has red hair, I can live through her/him. Mean mommy that is WAY over protective and pushy!

Hayes said...

Um, Loreal makes a lovely brown copper color. I am sporting it right now! For the record, I thought you girls wanted me NOT to be pregnant!