Sunday, January 14, 2007

Holy cow! You don't get my pictures today. Instead you will get a picture of each of my kids, all taken by my SIX YEAR OLD! I let her use my camera and take some pics. She did an amazing job with focus, composition, and capturing the individuality of each child. Lydia rocks!

They are lined up in order of age. Celeste 7.5 is holding Isaac. Then Lydia's self portrait. Then William 4.5. Then Samuel, 20 mos old. And Issac 2.5 mos old.


Stephanie said...

That is amazing that Lydia took those! She definitely has an eye with the camera. And I did not know that Celeste has freckles; sooo cute! (I'm Stephanie C. from OHM.)

Hayes said...

Stephanie, Celeste is covered in freckles. Such is the life of a red head. I have tons of freckles too, and i LOVE them!