Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Please tell me that one day he will learn,
even if it isn't true.

My sweet William has been in his room pitching a fit off and on for the last 40 minutes. Would you like to know why? I told him top find his tennis shoes. Obviously, I enjoy torturing him.

William MUST have tennis shoes for school. It is a rule. It is not my rule, but Miss Becky's rule and the rule of his school. The rule is in place for both comfort and safety reasons, and I agree with the rule.

Now, if you know me very well, you will know that William doesn't have just one pair of tennis shoes that I am hiding from him. He has three pairs of acceptable shoes that I can think of off the top of my head.

His problem is that he takes them off in strange places and leaves them there. Every time the kids clean up the toys and such in the back yard, William finds at least one pair of shoes.

You think he would learn. Last weekend he missed a birthday party. I told him thirty minutes before we left that he needed to find shoes and get them on or we would not be going to Sohpie's party. I reminded him a couple of times. He HAD a pair of shoes that he had taken off less than 2 hours earlier since we had been to church that morning. William's 30 minutes elapsed, and he had no shoes on. I asked if he knew where his shoes were, and he said Nope. So I told him no party. That usually sedate boy ran around the house searching for a pair of shoes. He found a pair, about 10 minutes later. However, I had already said no party, so no party it was. In case you haven't heard, I am a mean mama.

So this morning, he says he is ready for school. He got up and got dressed all by himself. He looks great. He told me he even remembered to put on uderpants. I asked him,"Do you have tennis shoes?" He shows me his camo slippers. "Um, no son, you can't wear slippers. You MUST have tennis shoes." And off he went into his tirade/search.

And I need reassurance that this will eventually end. Because when I got up to make sure the girls were ready to leave with dad, I found Celeste in shoes 3 sizes too small and Lydia wearing the tennis shoes that Celeste had left under the dining room table last night.

Now, I must go find my shoes because it is COLD outside and I need something from the car. Shut up about my shoes, ok.


elfgirl said...

He willl outgrow it. Sometime after the age of twelve. It won't be before then, I don't think. Ask me about the time I chased Ethan out the front door, yelling and throwing shoes at him, none of which were his. The bus driver still mentions that incident and laughs his head off every time I see him. :)

Kathy said...

Kayla is 12 and still looks for her shoes at the last minute every once in awhile. Now I make her lay out clothes, including socks, underwear and shoes at night. It works but if I forget she forgets and then in the morning she is searching the house for her shoes.