Friday, January 05, 2007

Two sick great grandmothers and a broken Grand. My mother's mother had a stroke a few weeks ago. She is coherent. She remembers all of us, including her 11 great great grandchildren. But when they come to visit, she doesn't remember the visit. She is 85 years old.

My husband's mother's mother (did you get that?) went into the hospital a week and a half ago. She had pneumonia. We were told that she would be out in a couple of days. We had planned to go see her last weekend, but she was still in the hospital so we decided to wait. Last night, my MIL called to say the doctors said that Granny wasn't doing well. My husband and sister in law are on the way there now to see her. She will probably not make it through the night.

I talked about my mom in my last post. Go read it. She is in good spirits and doing ok. But she is onlu 58 years old. She was a very active Grand before she hurt her back. I want her to get well soon.

The upside? My children are all well. I registered Lydia for Kindergarten. She starts on Monday and is thrilled! Celeste went back to school yesterday. William went back today. Starting next week, I will have three days a week when I only ahve two small boys in my immediate care. I like that!

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