Thursday, January 11, 2007

ok, how much Christmas money did I get Carmen wants to know. Well, I got Christmas money for me, Nathan, plus all five kids. So, it was quite a bit. It came from my grandmother who had a stroke. My mom and Uncle went to the bank to check on Hazie's, that's my grandmother's name, accounts. She had WAY more money in there than she could ever use. Her house is paid for; she doesn't drive but has a practically new car anyway; and she lives in a small town in Mississippi. The cost of living is not that high! So, my mom and uncle decided to spread the wealth. Hazie has 6 grandchildren. Five of them are married, and my aforementioned Middle Sister is engaged to be married in June. Hazie has 11 great grandchildren. Each grandchild and greatgrandchild got a check. I think even Middle Sisters's fiance' got a check.

By the way, Celeste dubbed the fiance' Almost Uncle Walton over Christmas holidays. She says we sill call him Uncle Walton once the wedding happens!

So yea, we got a nice chunk of change for Christmas. And the Dodge dealer will thank us when they GET THE SPRINTERS IN!!

Here is my picture of the day for Tuesday. I took lots on the way to Nashville. You don't get any for Wednesday as the day was taken with a funeral, burial, lunch, a trip to Joann's, and a LONG drive home. I will try to get some pictures today though.

The picture was taken along I-65. I always love
the drive to and from Nashville to Alabama. I saw amazing changes in season while driving. This was just a shot I took amongst about 100. I love th contrast of the "naked tree" as we call them and the bright green of the cedars. I didn't do any touching up of the photo. This is simply cropped and posted. Cool, huh!


alicesw said...

For the record, the fiance did NOT get a check! I guess I am punished for waiting for find the man of my dreams... I think I should be rewarded for NOT marrying some of the past BF's! I am not a bitter, angry woman living in New York, no really. It has not changed me one bit!

Hayes said...

I agree. I give you a gold star for not marrying any of the past boys. I just got incredibly lucky and found the perfect guy when we were still young and naive!