Friday, December 02, 2005

I'm going to Atlanta! I'm going to Atlanta! Sing it with me!

Today is Lydia's 5th birthday. She was up with the sun, or at 6:30 with her big sister, which is close enough to up with the sun. Lydia got LOTS of Polly Pockets from her grandmother and great grandmother, and a My Little Pony, plus money from 2 other great-grandmothers. I would hazard a guess that she wil use her birthday money to buy yet more Polly Pockets. But the three big kids played NICELY for 3 horus yesterday, so I LOVE Polly Pockets!

Ok, on to me. Did I mention I'm going to Atlanta? My baby sister, who is 24, got engaged over Thanksgiving weekend. She and my mom planned a trip to Atlanta for this weekend as Atlanta is the nearest BIG city. They need to get a move-on a wedding dress since the wedding is scheduled for June 24th. I asked if I could tag along. Leah, the sister, said SURE! So, I planned to go. Turns out my middle sister, 27, had millions of sky miles, so she is flying down from New York City to meet us too!

The best part of this trip though? My mom and I get to go early since we live closer to Atlanta and don't work, at least we don't get regular paychecks, so we have a bit more freedom. So I am meeting mom at IKEA!!!!!!! I get to buy bookshelves for my kids' playroom, an maybe a desk for me, and who knows what else. AND my mom hasn't gotten me a Christmas present yet, so she will be funding said trip to IKEA.

I am almost as excited about Atlanta as Lydia is about her birthday!!

So, if you don't see me around for a few days, I am

By the way, if you are planning to find out where I live and break in and steal my stuff, only sweet baby Samuel and I will be headed to Atlanta. My very large, body building husband will be here. Of course, he will have the other 3 kids, so the fact that he is only 5ft8inches and an attorney don't really matter. The ankle biters will get you if you try to break in.

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