Thursday, December 29, 2005

Crhistmas was good. I had a raging swimmers' ear infection. I got crappy antibiotics and by Christmas day was in excrutiating pain. Fortunately, I also had LOTS of painkillers. Codeine during the day is FUN!

The kidlets got lots of clothes adn books and bath stuff. Celeste got an easy bake oven. The girls both got Cabbage Patch kids, very exciting. William got a suitcase of his own, and a lage kid sized front loader and dump truck, not ride on size, but big play size. Samuel got puzzles and a Weeble tree house.

But, I got them the big gift. A wonderful wooden playstand set complete with kitchen. One side of the play stands has a bench to sit on. The other side has a sink and stove. Plus a refrigerator that stands alone and LOTS of wooden blocks. Ths children all love it. I ordered it from a friend, got it here in plenty of time for Christmas, then put it together ALL BY MYSELF! and my children love it.

We spent time with family. It went well. No one fought or yelled or anything. My children behaved like angels, seriously.

My baby sister came with her FIANCE. He tried to set my parents' house on fire late Christmas night. The firetrucks came and everything. We were already back home in our beds. William was a bit disappointed that he missed all teh fire trucks. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it.

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