Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I survived Atlanta. I lived through 3 days with my mom and my sisters. I survived Ikea. I had a BLAST!!!! I stayed with my mom on the Club Level at a nice hotel. They had this great room where there was always food out, and good stuff too. And whatever you wanted to drink, including booze. All for "free." Free in quotes because it is part of the room price I am sure, but my mom paid for the rooms.

Samuel woke up several times the first night, but did much better the second night. We went out to eat amazing and wonderful food. Samuel slept through nearly every meal. There were 3 extra people to hold him, even though he really preferred me.

They have a Target that is 2 stories high, just across the street at the hotel. We looked at some exquisite jewelry, and eve tried on lots of stuff. I felt like a princess.

My sister selected her wedding dress and veil. We knew it was the right one becausewhen she walked out in it, we all started to cry, just a little.

Nathan had fun with the girls. He just had Celeste and Lydia Friday night and most of Saturday. They went shopping for Christmas presents. He bought one for each of the big kids. Samuel doens't much care, at 7 months old, and will probably eat the paper. He said he got something for me! This is big since I got NOTHING last Christmas when I was pregnant and just a bit emotional. I alos got bupkis for my 30th birthday. Well, I did get taken out to dinner, but it was very last minute.

William spent the night with Kathryn, the wonder sitter. She has been baby siting for us for 5 or 6 years. She got married over the summer and the 3 big kids were in her wedding. Also, Kathryn's mom, Vanessa, watches our children occassionally. Kathryn's dad, George, was a great help in getting the FOUR TREES cut up and split into firewood and moved after they landed in our front yard as Katrina blew through.

So William went with Kathryna nd spent the night with her at her parents' house. They played outside and I don't think Nathan picked him up untillate Saturday afternoon.

And Nathan is such a fun dad. He bought plastic bowing stuff for our LOOOONG hall. And took the offspring to their favorite restaurant. And he even gave 2 of the baths! And made breakfast Sunday morning for everyone before church, and got them dressed for church. He is such a great guy.

And now, I am back home. Movers come on Wednesday to get the rest of the crap out of our old house. And Ralph will start work on Wednesday too. And I have about 2 truckloads of stuff for Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Hannah Home, the local place for donations.

Have a great day, and STAY WARM!

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