Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Well, we all survived. Today was Oldest Child's first day of school. She seemed to really like it and wants to go back. We made a "ME" bag so she can share about herself. We included a family photo, a pic of her at the beach, one of her in her soccer uniform, and her tiny Bible. She said she wanted to tell her new friends that she loves her family, knows how to swim in the ocean, and plays soccer. "Mostly, I want to share God's love with them. That's why I am taking my Bible." I love this kid.

And it was pretty wuiet at my hosue today. Middle child had no one to fight with. Baby Brother took a nap, so she was all alone. We snuggled, and I let her have 3 popsicles. And she got to pick the cartoons this morning. I think Middle Child likes Big Sister in school as well!

And now I am folding laundry. One day I will catch up!

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