Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Slow down; you move to fast.

My children are speeding along these days, but not just in the back yard. They are growing before my very eyes. Everyday they are bigger, taller, smarter, wiser, and well, growing!

I looked at Celeste last week. She is officially big. She seems to have grown an inch or so in just the last month. Thanks so much to her teacher, she is becoming more and more responsible. She has an amazing sense of style, always combining things I would never have chosen to wear together. Most days she looks like an oilily ad with her vibrant colors and funky socks. Her current favorite is a pair of low top Converse All*Stars. She wears them to school every day.

Lydia's hair has gotten really long. I am so enjoying brushing and styling it. She does too! Today was a ponytail with a darling bow. Yesterday I french braided it. She has also gotten tall and is finally filling in on the ribs a bit! For so long she seemed to be skin and bones. She is reading well. She love Dick and Jane books, what my mother learned to read on, and what I loved to read as a child too. Time marches on, but somethings stay the same!

Wiliam and I had a great conversation yesterday, a real live discussion. He is a kid now. He isn't my baby, as he was for so long. He isn't even a big boy. He is a kid, a kindergartener. I talked to his teacher briefly yesterday and she was amazed at how smart he is. I told her I wasn't amazed anymore, just so proud of him!


Kathy said...

Great pics of the big kids! Yeah, they are growing too fast. All of them.

LeahWE said...

Does William look just like Bill? He is what I would imagine him looking like, but og course Bill had dark hair...just curious...XOXO

Hayes said...

Yes, William looks quite a bit like Bill's baby pictures, as well as Uncle Leslie and Uncle Jimmy. There were all blonde little boys! I'll ask Rachel for a picture.

Amy said...

Those are great pics. I love that one of William!