Thursday, October 11, 2007

Did you know that Lydia was the middle child for 3 years. I think it stuck. These were taken Wednesday night before church. Can't you see the fire in her eyes?

I love Lydia for her fire, her passion, her intensity. She is determined to learn to read. She can already read, she just wants it to go FASTER! Life is not going to pass my elfin child by. Love you princess!


Amy said...

I love that child so much. I long for those days when she would wake from her nap, and snuggle with me forever. I know she doesn't even remember those days, but I do. I've always loved her, and that one of her "funny" face made me laugh out loud. That is just pure Lydia. I miss being a part of her life! *sniff*

Kathy said...

She is so sweet. Great pictures, Hayes. Thanks for sharing.