Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My life is so good.

Yesterday was my mother's 59th birthday. She is healthy. Praise God!

Today, on September 11th, we spend so much time looking back at the tragedy that occured six years ago. So many were affected directly, and I think we were all indirectly affected. I decided today that my life is good, not in a making lemons out of lemonade way, but really truly good.

Isaac threw up in his crib, again, this morning. So I stripped his sheets, put them in my washing machine, that works, that has water and electricity, that runs in its very own laundry room. I spent the morning snuggling him, nursing him, giving him whatever he needed to feel better.

I cleaned up our family room, where our TV, DVD player, and computer reside, the place where we siit as a family to read books or watch football. The room is always pleasantly cooled by our AC or nicley warmed by a fire. We have each other. We are healthy.

I laughed as Samuel played doctor using my earbuds for his "stefascoop." He checked my eyes, ears, mouth, feet, knees, and armpits. Then he checked Isaac out. He did all of this while wearing no clothes at all! However, he was naked by choice. He has plenty of clothing and food and love.

My three big children went to school this morning. They went to an amazing public school that is run by caring and compassionate people. They went to teachers who truly care about their well being, who WANT my children to learn amazing lessons and not just the three R's.

My sweet husband took my children to school. He took out the trash, and he loaded the darling children into his truck. He doesn't just drive them. He uses the time to have amazing discussions with them. Sometimes they talk about Bible class lessons, or the sermon on Sunday. Sometimes they talk about an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal. Sometimes, they just talk about life.

My life is amazing. I have been blessed in ways I don't see and ways that are in front of me every second of the day. Count your blessings. Thank God for every single one of them.

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Stephanie C. said...

Very well said!