Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wow! It turns out to be a really good thing that I posted extra pictures on Sunday since I totally bombed yesterday. Jennifer came over for a little bit yesterday. The kids played, we cleaned. I was sore when she left! I have clean sheets on my bed and LOTS of laundry to be done.

Today, I get to go to the grocery store ALONE! You know you are the mama when a trip alone to the grocery store is like a vacation. I can't wait!

Here is a picture for yesterday. It is another from the impromptu photo shoot that yielded Sunday's photos. I tacked up a comforter on the wall and moved the dining room table so the baby wouldn't be on the floor. It's easier to take pictures of a kid at waist height than at ankle height.

A couple of pictures were taken yesterday, so you might get some more pics later too!


禾草唐楷 said...

That's great,so cute,so lovely~Best wishes

Davina said...

Great pic! Such pretty eyes.

Christi said...

I LOVE this one!!!