Thursday, February 01, 2007

Phew, I'm back. I know you were all just sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for my return. Now, stop waiting. I am back, baby!

Ok, I tried to cut off the tip ofmy lef index finger. It is very hard tot ype without it. Please note the "lef" in the previous sentence. My left index finger usually hits the "t" but now muct be hit with my middle finger. Makes typing tougher. Please forgive any sill mistakes. I have 5 kids and do not have time to proofread. I barely have time to pee!

As for the absence this last week, and no pictures either, I apologize. My mom was moved to the big university hospital last Friday. She was local, so I visited every day. The WEdnesday after my mom was moved up here, the WONDERFUL doctors did surgery, about 6 hours of surgery. WARNING GRAPHIC SURGICAL DISCUSSION HERE!! They opened her up ont he front, took out all of her guts and put them on a sterile table right next to her. Nothing was disconeccted, just moved OUTSIDE HER BODY! Then they cleaned the staph infection from her epidural space. This took about 4 hours. Really.

THEN!! they stitched up her front side, after putting everything back approximatey where it had been. But no, they weren't don yet. They then FLIPPED HER OVER and cut her open on the back side. From here, they cleaned MORE infection and repaired her slipped discs. This took another 2 hours.


Before the surgery, any movement caused her immense amounts of pain. By that I mean screaming for sometimes HOURS until the spasms stopped. After surgery, she is fine.

She has a steel rod with titanium screws in her spine. They started physical therapy on Fridya after her surgery. I went on Sturday and saw her PT. She sat up. She scooted around on the bed. She STOOD UP!!! She did all of this without pain. Ok, she had some discomfort from the surgery, but no PAIN!

She has moved to a rehab facility and will probably be ther for 3-4 weeks. She will have get stronger as she can only stand up with a walked for about 3 minutes. She will be doing 6 hours of therapy a day. Her doctor says she has a 75% chance of getting back full function.

My mom is ok. I am just amazed. So many people have been praying for her. God does cool stuff!

So, now, for pictures. I will do my best to get my camera out. I want to take some pics of my ids, maybe outside, or at the park. Unfortunately, it is COLD and YUCKY outside, so those pictures will have to wait. Maybe I will do something artsy with the hyacinths and cyclamen plants given to my mom in the hospital that we got to bring home. My dining room smells amazing!


Stephanie said...

I am always fascinated how doctors work and can figure out how to fix things. It's gross and compelling at the same time. To me, anyways. I'm glad your mom is recovering and going to be okay.

Stephanie said...

I'm always fascinated with how doctors work and can figure out how to fix things. I'm glad your mom is recovering well and will be okay.

kristen said...

Wow! What an amazing surgery! Glad your mom is recovering well and will pray she continues to do so without infections, etc.

I'm glad you're back. I love looking at your pictures :o)